Believe it or not, but when you are out there looking for a dog, it is quite a headache getting the perfect one. This is, of course, for the ones who meticulously seek the best or the pick of the litter. When doing so, there are a few features in a puppy that you will want to look out for.

When looking for the right puppy, you want to look for one that is about 8 weeks to 3 months old. This is about the best age for a puppy to be adopted. It is at around this time that the puppies begin to learn a sense of self-reliance. This means that at this time, you and the puppy can make an impression on each other and establish a relationship of trust and companionship. At this age, the puppy learns a lot about new behaviors. Remember the saying that you can’t teach new tricks to an old dog? That’s reigns true since they are most receptive at a younger age.


Another way to pick the right puppy is to observe its personality. You don’t want to get an overly aggressive puppy because chances are it will be just be as aggressive as an older dog. On the other hand, a shy and timid puppy will most probably remain as such through the years. Stay away from picking an inactive puppy if you want a puppy to play with regularly. All of this can be determined just by observing a puppy that’s about 8 to 12 weeks old. The perfect puppy is one that likes to play, likes the attention and reacts properly to positive behavior.

Now we look for the physical properties of a good and healthy puppy:

Its head

If you are able to touch the puppy (because most pet stores will not allow you to), have a close look at the puppy’s gums. They must be a bright pink to indicate that it does not have a pre-existing disease like anemia or worms. Check if its teeth are straight and clean and also if the upper and lower teeth clamp down properly on each other. This is a problem that does not become correct over time. The dog’s eyes should look bright and clear. Its eyes should also be able to look straight ahead. Be attentive to white spots or any visible lines because this could cause problems for the dog in the future. If possible, look at the third eyelid, the lids that roll in or out (you might notice these eyelids when a dog sleeps or wakes up). These third eyelids should not be red. Its ears should be clean. If the dog shakes its head a lot, this could mean there is a build-up of wax or dirt. On top of that, tenderness of the ear could indicate an infection or even ear mites.

Its body

The key points of the body to check are the stomach, naval, groin, and genitals. Check if the stomach is swollen because it may have a worm infection if it is. A hernia can be spotted if you see a bulge in the naval or groin areas. Check also if its genitals are clean and free of any infection that can indicate worms or a digestive disorder. For male dogs, both testicles must be there. Outwardly, a dogs coat must be clean and fluffy, free of any insects, sores and itchiness.

These are major things that you will have to check and it will not take you more than 15 minutes to do so for each puppy that will qualify as your next pet. Whichever puppy you choose, you must be reminded of the responsibility you have to keep it healthy. Regular visits to a trusted vet will ensure the dogs health both mentally and physically. If you have made the choice of dog already, go straight to the vet to have it vaccinated and ask also for a suggested diet for it. Taken all these steps already? Then enjoy the love of your new best friend.