Having a pet is a tedious work, one that requires round the clock supervision, much like babies. Dog doors are quite an extensive addition to every dog owner’s house. While many people avert having these because of course, the dog is going to outgrow them, it can be a good and necessary addition to make your house more pet-friendly. The key to having the best dog door is to ensure that you keep a few aspects into account.

In this article, we are going to walk you through the basic facts that you need to consider before installing a dog door.

Measure the height and width:

The last thing you want to experience after installing the dog door is your dog not fitting through it. It is always best to ensure that your dog door is a bit bigger than normal. In order to successfully measure the width of your dog, measure the distance of the door and then add an inch or two to the distance and that should be good enough for your dog to easily pass through the dog door. When it comes to the height of the dog door, make sure that the height is at least 2 inches more than that of the height of the dog. The right measurements are what make the installation process a lot better.

The place of installation:

Where you are installing the dog door also does play a crucial role in the process. There are a number of types of dog doors, some meant for the sliding ones and some for the normal doors as well. There are a number of doors that are made with different types of materials, much like that of aluminum and even plastics for that matter.

Consider the weather conditions:

The kind of weather conditions that you experience near your place also does play a very crucial role in determining the kind of dog doors you need to install. If your house is subjected to extreme cold weathers, it is best suited to have a dog door that has multiple layers and flaps to ensure that the cold wind doesn’t get into the house easily through the opening. There are some types of doors that do come with weather tight seals which can help protect your house from the cold.

Better installation:

Yet another thing to keep into account before installing the dog door is to get reliable people to do the thing. Not every single person around is handy with the tools and installing a door is not a cakewalk. It does take up quite some expertise to get the job done on your own. Make sure you hire people who are capable of doing it perfectly.

When it comes to installing the dog doors, the majority of the people suggest that you wait out till your dog grows full size before installing the door. The main cons of getting a dog door while they are still a puppy are that they are going to end up outgrowing it.

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